W21_RW_Lessons Learned (Soft Skill)


The purpose of this lessons learned document of AACE Certification Preparation Course project is to captures the valuable experiences since inception of the project until the project close out for use by other similar projects. This document could be used by project mentor, program and project managers as well as project team members to avoid any similar project faults that went wrong and take the lessons from things that went well as well as improve the current practices to get the project excellence.

Lessons Learned Approach

The lessons learned from this project are compiled from individual project notes since inception until project close out. The lessons learned from this project is structured based on project’s deliverables such as face to face session, paper development, question, tool and technique, blog weekly report and bidding.

Lessons Learned from this Project

Lessons Learned Knowledge Base / Database

This lesson learned will be compiled with other student’s lessons learned and stored in Yahoo Group file as well as by the Mentor for his document for future use.

Lessons Learned Applied from Previous Projects

This AACE Certification preparation course project is less using previous course lessons learned.

Process Improvement Recommendations

As indicated in the table above, the major negative (-) what went wrong issues are more to the people issues which includes the commitment and knowledge of the subject. It is recommended for those who willing to take this course have to set the commitment firmly.

The half commitment student will drag the other team member motivation down. The strong leadership is required in this course to bring the class to success. Firing the non-performer team member or even the program manager or project manager sometimes is necessary action to be taken to safe our project, but I strongly urge to make it professional and not to bring it in personal.




Lessons Learned Template retrieved from www.ProjectManagementDocs.com

1 thought on “W21_RW_Lessons Learned (Soft Skill)

  1. Excellent lessons learned, Pak Ridwan- honest, candid and to the point.

    As far as the mentor/facilitators role, if people ask questions, I try to be as prompt and helpful as I can in trying to guide them to find the answers, but if people don’t ask questions or don’t ask for help on specific problems, there is little or nothing I can do to help them.

    Nice work as the elected program manager and congratulations on wrapping up this specific project 100%, ahead of schedule even if you went over budget.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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