W20_RW_Lessons Learned (Technical)


The purpose of this lessons learned document of AACE Certification Preparation Course project is to captures the valuable experiences since inception of the project until the project close out for use by other similar projects. This document could be used by project mentor, program and project managers as well as project team members to avoid any similar project faults that went wrong and take the lessons from things that went well as well as improve the current practices to get the project excellence. This lesson learned document will only show you the valuable tools and techniques I learned from the course.

 Lessons Learned Approach

The lessons learned from this project are compiled from individual project notes since inception until project close out. The tools and technique stated in this document have been tried and some implemented in my works as well as during the executing the course’s assignment.

Tools and technique learned from this course:

Engineering Economic Analysis Procedures
The procedure is strongly recommended by the mentor as writing blog format. It consist some steps such as:

  • Problem recognition, definition and evaluation, using “root cause analysis” or other tools/techniques
  • Development of feasible alternatives
  • Development of the outcomes
  • Selection of the acceptable criteria
  • Compare the outcomes from each alternative
  • Performance Monitoring and post evaluation.

What Went Well:

This practice is very useful for me when I did some project financial analysis and project proposal, the structure guide me in developing the project proposal for the high level management to take decision on it. The high level management received the key information of the project, the consequences, the alternatives, the outcomes and action proposed as well as the post evaluation of the projects.

The real case was when I did the proposal to purchase the expensive software for my department as part of continues improvement program, it was answering all the questions required prior to take a decision to go or no go and it got approved in very short time.

What Went Wrong:

It was very hard for me to implement in my blog assignment, as I have to switch from my past writing experiences to this structure procedure and mathematical modeling techniques. Some of my blog was rejected by the mentor because I’m not following the structure.


I strongly recommend this tools and technique or procedure implement in works environment, as it can be used in broad.


Lessons Learned Template retrived from : www.ProjectManagementDocs.com

1 thought on “W20_RW_Lessons Learned (Technical)

  1. Excellent, Pak Ridwan!! Thanks for sharing your TECHNICAL lessons learned for future classes to review and learn from. For your W21 posting, please share your “soft” or leadership lessons learned, which should be especially interesting given you are a replacement Program Manager for the original program manager who got fired.

    Be very interesting to read your thoughts on firing non-performers as well as having to take over for someone who has been fired (or quit or whatever)

    Keep up the good work but do try to master that 7 Step process, as it will help you structure your responses to the essay questions for your PSP, EVP and/or CEP exams.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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